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主日信息 (十一) Sermon (November)

20191124 - 美好人生 从关系开始 - Happy Together - Lyan 牧师

周六成年礼 见证 -林万钗 & 傅诗雅 母女


周日见证 – 赖美凤 同工





主题:美好人生 从关系开始 – Happy Together
Wonderful Life Begins From Relationship – Happy Together

讲员:萬偉玲 牧師 Pastor Lyan Man


一、最好的人际- 从关心劝慰开始 (Take care) 徒 4:36
The most beautiful relationship – begins from care and encouragement (Take care) Acts 4:36


二、最美的接待-愿开怀勇敢分享 (Share) 徒 9:27
The Most Beautiful Hospitality- Genuine and bold Sharing (Share) Acts 9:27

1.勇敢敞开的接待 (v27a)
Show hospitality with boldness and an open heart (v27a)

2.分享神奇妙作为 (v27b)
Share about God’s wonderful work (v27b)


三、最美的人生-同享人神好关系 (Together) 徒 11:21-26
The Most Beautiful Life- Enjoy Communion Between God and Man (Together) Acts 11:21-26

1.有神同在 有好关系 (v21-23)
With God’s Presence, Comes Wonderful Relationship (v21-23)

2.信靠圣灵 有好见证 (v24)
Rely on the Holy Spirit, Produces Good Testimony (v24)

3.主动关怀 与人和睦 (v25-26)
Initiate Care and be at peace with everyone (v25-26)

20191117 - 承接父亲的福 - 林德丰 传道

周六见证 – Evelyn Lau


周日见证 – Jacquelin 小组长




主题:承接父亲的福 Inherit The Father’s Blessing
林德丰 传道 PS Moses Ling
创世记 Genesis 26:1-33

一、得着父亲的约 (创 26:1-6)
Receive The Promise Of The Father (Gen 26:1-6)

a. 得着保护 (创 26:11)
Receive Protection (Gen 26:11)

b. 得着大福 (创 26:12-17)
Receive Great Blessings (Gen 26:12-17)

二、联上父亲的恩膏 (创 26:18, 22-29)
Connect to The Anointing Of The Father (Gen 26:18, 22-29)

20191110 - 胜过蒙蔽的巨人 - 蔡琼诗 传道

周六见证 – Stephen Lai



周日见证 – Ambrose 小组长




Overthrowing Giant & Removing Veil

讲员:蔡琼诗 传道

一、连于圣洁引活水(代下32:1-4、30; 王下20:20)
Through Holiness Burst Forth Living Water

Forsake Darkness And Be Commissioned

20191103 - 大卫得胜之旅 - 林大卫 牧师

周六见证 – Lisa 小组长


周日见证 – 蔡思思 姐妹




主题: 大卫得胜之旅
David’s Victorious Journey

—、胜过外在巨人 (撒上 17:36-37、45-53)
Defeated his external giants (1 Sam 17:36-37、45-53)

二、胜过内在巨人 (撒上 24:1-8、26:1-12)
Defeated his inner giants (1 Sam 24:1-8、26:1-12

三、胜过巨人的坚固营垒 (撒下 5:1-10)
Destroyed the Strongholds Of The Giants (2 Sam 5:1-10)