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主日信息(五月) Sermon (May)

20190526 - 成为生命树 - 苏源喜 牧师

见证 – 李大勇 小组长





主题:成为生命树 To Become a Tree of Life

讲员:苏源喜 牧师 PS David Yancey

经文:启示录 (Revelation) 2:1-7


一、知道神真在教會中 v1-3
Knowing that God is really in the Church

1 熱心服侍神知道
God knows when we zealously minister

2 能夠忍耐神知道
God knows when we persevere

3 明白真理神知道
God knows when we understand His Word


二、神栽种生命树教会 v4-6
God plants Tree of Life Churches

1 抓虫: 失去起初爱心
Debugging: acknowledge loss of the love we first had

2 扶正: 要行起初的事
Straightening: do what we first did

3 施肥: 赞美样式像神
Fertilizing: praise for the likeness of God


三、要成为生命树教会 v7
To become a Tree of Life Church

20190519 - 哇!有福的人! - 林大卫 牧师

见证 – 谢碧峰 小组长






Wow! The blessed man!

Psalms 1:1-6

讲员:林大卫 牧师 Rev. David Ling

一、离开恶人的道路 v1,4-6
Depart from the way of the wicked


二、走进义人的道路 v2-3
Enter the path of the righteous

A. 唯独在神的话语里得喜悦
Be delighted in the word of God

B. 昼夜在神的话语里默想
Meditate on the word of God Day and night


20190512 - 母亲再一次美丽 - 颜慶水 牧师
见证 – Jacqueline 小组长






主题 Title:母亲再一次美丽 Mother, beautiful once again
经文 Scripture:路加福音 Luke 7:11-17
讲员 Speaker:颜慶水 牧师 PS Ngan Hing Sui

一、美梦幻灭的母亲 v12
a mother whose dream is shattered

1. 丈夫缺席
absent husband

2. 儿子退席
departed sons


二、失而复得的母亲 v13-15
a mother who regained what she has lost

received comfort

regain a son

20190511 - 吹响突破的号角 - 颜慶水 牧师 & 陳貞妙 傳道
见证 – 罗佩玉 小组长







主题 Title:吹响突破的号角 Sound The Trumpet Of Breakthrough
经文 Scripture:使徒行传 Acts 10
讲员 Speaker:颜慶水 牧师 PS Ngan Hing Sui & 陳貞妙 傳道 IP Amy

一、圣灵启示拆 框架 (徒10:9-16)
Revelation From Holy Spirit To Dismantle Structures

二、圣灵吩咐走 新路(徒10:17-20, 23, 27-29)
Commands From Holy Spirit To Open New Paths

三、圣灵充满迎 扩展(徒10:34-48,15:7-11)
Filled by The Holy Spirit To Expand


讨论题目 Life Discussion:
1. 你生命中有哪些框架非常妨碍你前进与成长?
What stiffened structures hinders your growth?

2. 面对改变与突破,你常有的担忧与害怕是什么?
What is your fear when faced with changes?

3. 在圣灵运行、充满时,对于拆除框架、奔走新路能带出什么果效与突破?
When Holy Spirit is moving and filling you up, what new paths and breakthroughs are taking place in terms of dismantling stiffened structures?

20190505 - 生命树的事奉 - 林大卫 牧师 & 林刘本婷师母
见证 – Elizabeth Wong 小组长







主题 Title:生命树的事奉 Ministry of the Tree of Life
经文 Scripture:出埃及记 Exodus 18, 19
讲员 Speaker:林大卫 牧师 Rev. David Ling & 林刘本婷师母 PS Esther Lau

一、事奉的赏赐 (出18:1-7) The Reward of Ministry (Exodus 18:1-7)

二、事奉的外邦人 (出18:8-12) The Gentile who ministers (Exodus 18:8-12)

三、事奉的预备 (出 18:13-22; 19:1-6) Preparation of Ministry (Exodus 18:13-22; 19:1-6)