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主日信息 Sermon

20190630 - 满有圣灵的生命树教会-撒狄 - 苏源喜 牧师

见证 – 王小燕 姐妹





Spirit-filled tree of life church – Sardis
经文:启示录 3:1-6
讲员:苏源喜 牧师 PS David Yancey

一、拒绝虚假的信仰 (v.1-3)
Reject false religion

1.行为完全 (v.1-2b)
Walk blamelessly

2.警醒祷告 (v.2a-3)
Be watchful in prayer

二、顺服圣灵的引导 (v.4-6)
Submit to the guidance of the Holy Spirit

1.活出圣洁 (v.3-5)
Live out holiness

2.与主同行 (v.4; 19:14)
Walk with the Lord

20190623 - 与神子同掌权 - 林德丰 传道

见证 – Nicholas 弟兄





Reign With The Son Of God
经文:启示录 2:18-29
讲员:林德丰 传道 PS Moses Ling

领受神子之心 V18-23
Receive The Heart Of The Son of God
a. 渴望教会勇敢 Desiring For A Brave Church
b. 渴望教会不随从肉体 Desiring For A Church That Does not Live By The Flesh

Receive The Rewards From The Son

20190616 - 别迦摩教会 - 林大卫 牧师






主题:别迦摩教会 Church of Pergamum
经文:启示录 2:12-17
讲员:林大卫 牧师 Rev. David Ling


一、真知主有两刃利剑 (v12-16, 来 Heb 4:12, 启 Rev 19:1-16)
Truly know that the Lord has a sharp double-edged sword

a. 坚守主名到底 (v12-13)
Remain true to the name of the Lord (v12-13)

b. 弃绝错谬教训 (v14-16)
Renounce false teachings


二、得隐藏吗哪与白石 (v17)
Receive hidden manna and white stone

20190608 - 更深经历五旬节 - 林刘本婷 师母

洗礼见证 – 张顺凯 弟兄

见证 – Thomas Ling 弟兄




Deeper Experience For The Day Of Pentecost

讲员:林刘本婷 师母 PS Esther Lau

经文:出20:1-17、约14:16-17、20:22、路24:29、 徒2:1-4


一、看重神的话 (出20:1-17)
Make Importance The Word Of God


二、看重神的灵(路24:29; 徒2:1-4)
Make Importance The Spirit Of God


Filled By The Holy Spirit Continuously

a. 承认自己很需要
Acknowledge The Need For Him

b. 对主要渴慕
Thirsty Before The Lord

c. 舍弃老自己
Abandoning The Old Self


20190602 - 士每拿教会 - 得生命的冠冕 - 林大卫 牧师

见证 – Jay & 佩琪 夫妇



主题:士每拿教会 – 得生命的冠冕
Church in Smyrna – Receive Life as Crown of Victory

讲员:林大卫 牧师 Rev. David Ling

经文:启示录 (Revelation) 2:8-11

一、耶稣知道你的患难 (v8-9)
Jesus knows your afflictions


二、苦难会过,冠冕永存 (v10-11)
Afflictions will pass, the crown will last