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神同住系列 (三)
God Dwells With Us Series (3)

主题 : 今生同住到永生
Topic : Dwelling From Present Life To Eternal Life
讲员 : 林大卫 牧师
Speaker : Rev. David Ling

一、停止行恶,记名册上 (来 Heb 9:27 启 Rev 22:11-12, 20:11-15, 21:8, 太 Mat 25:41-46)
Abstain From Wickedness, Be Recorded In The Book Of Life

二、持续行义,是得胜者 (启 Rev 21:1-7)
Continue Working Righteousness, Be An Overcomer

1. 经历圣灵重生 (约 John 3:3,5)
Experience The Birth Through The Holy Spirit

2. 遵行天父旨意 (太 Mat 7:21)
Fulfilling The Will Of The Father

3. 公开承认基督 (太 Mat 10:32-33)
Confess Christ Publicly

4. 背起十字架跟随主 (太 Mat 16:24-27)
Carry The Cross To Follow The Lord

5. 谨慎分辨,防备迷惑 (太 Mat 24:4-5)
Be Alert To Discern, Avoid Temptation

6. 忠心有见识,履行职责 (太 Mat 24:45-51)
Be Faithful And Wise, Fulfilling Responsibility

7. 警醒预备,等候主来 (太 Mat 25:1-13)
Be Alert And Be Ready, Wait For The Return Of The Lord

8. 良善忠心,善用恩赐 (太 Mat 25:14-30)
Be Good and Faithful, Stewarding Gifts